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Rainbow Riches

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Finding gold at the end of a rainbow and win big, who wouldn’t want that? Rainbow Riches free spins, pick me games and extra features make this Barcrest slot game one of the old-time favourites. The maximum win at Rainbow Riches stands at £500, while the bets range from £0.01 – £500 per spin. The volatility is on the lower side, which suggests that you won’t have to wait ages to land a win. The Rainbow Riches RTP is 95%, which is below the most receent slots online, but still a decent one. Discover more on Rainbow Riches slot game below.

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Rainbow Riches Slots Overview

Rainbows always seem to confuse us, how is it that something so beautiful is so far away. We often play various rainbow themed slot games online in order to see if chasing rainbows will lead anywhere, but so far we have only found that it leads to us with an empty wallet. Well now those times are a’changin, allow us to introduce to you, a slot that will give you all the reason in the world for wanting to chase those sky colours, allow us to introduce to you: Rainbow Riches.

This is actually an Irish-themed slot if you can believe, although it feels almost like its own entity despite the occasional green and four leafed clovers. Rainbow Riches comes to you via the power of developer Barcrest, who time and time again have shown great skill and efficiency when it comes to crafting slots with lasting experiences. Rainbow Riches is a 5 reel by 20 pay-line slot that has around 243 different winning combinations to win cash from.

Rainbow Riches is a new casino mobile-optimised slot, making it very easy for players to experience anywhere and at any time they do so desire. The jackpot element of Rainbow Riches is one of the clear highlights to this slot that makes every spin a constant rush to see if you have won the big one. The jackpot is fixed so you won’t be able to build it past your initial spins but don’t let that deter you from experiencing these wild and crazy reels for yourself.

When there’s money to be made there is always going to be those that worry if their money is going in the right kind of slots, well in Rainbow Riches the RTP percentage is around 95% making it a very worthy investment when you compare it to other slots in the same genre. Be sure to check out the rest of our review below, it might convince you to play this slot if you happen to be un-decided.

Expectation vs Reality in Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches is not like most of the Irish-themed slots that we can’t help but treat as a guilty pleasure for various different reasons. The most notable being the fact that this is an irish slot that tries to do something completely different, and doesn’t follow the same tried and tested slot characteristics that we’re personally sick and tired of.

There is very little room from creative thinking when it comes to developers who seem to churn out these slots without thought. Rainbow Riches is actually one of the better slots in this genre simply because it tries to do something new and interesting with it. If you are looking for the same repetitive nonsense then this is not the slot for you, this is better.

How to Play Rainbow Riches Slot Game

Barcrest have clearly been paying attention. Not only is Rainbow Riches very simplistic in nature but it is also very striking to look at if you don’t mind us saying. If you are someone who has never played or experienced online slot gaming before then you shouldn’t have to worry too much about how to play. All one needs to do is simply match symbols from the left to the right of the screen.

All symbols offer something different in terms of numerical value, but the more symbols you have in that winning line, the higher your score will be. You can win cash prizes from matching around 3-5 of these symbols each time. Winning combinations are very common in this slot, making it a very rewarding kind of game once you have got the basics locked down.

In order to begin spinning these reels, one must set their bets and coin values, this can easily be achieved by using the arrows at the bottom of the screen. Once you are happy with your choices all you will need to do is hit spin and watch. You will find a mixture of both high and low value symbols, the likes of which you will see constantly on these reels. Each and every symbol represents something different when it comes to value. You should always check out the pay-table with slots such as this one, due to the accessibility of this slot and how easy it is to pick favorites.

Rainbow Riches Free Spins and Bonus Features

Bonus features in Rainbow Riches all offer something a tad different depending on what it is you are unlocking in the heat of spinning. Each of these features impact gameplay in some way or other. The more of these additional spins that you match, the higher your score will be, as this games revolve around the types of experiences that only these additional features can permit.

WILDS: Look out for the golden coin symbol in Rainbow Riches, this is the chosen wild symbol, and will allow players to substitute for various other symbols on the reels aside from the scatter whenever this symbol is matched on the reels. Players shall also earn 10,000 coins when matching 5 wilds in a winning combination.

ROAD TO RICHES BONUS: Putting 3 or more leprechaun symbols in the winning pay-line will grant players access into this feature. This feature takes players to an alternate screen where they must match various symbols in order to earn multipliers.

Hit or Miss?

If you are looking for the next big Irish-themed slot that doesn’t follow a set formula? Then we might have exactly what you’re looking for in Rainbow Riches, a slot that is clearly going to inspire other slots to follow a similar path in the future. Play this slot today!

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Barcrest were formed in 1968 if you can believe that. A UK based developer, Barcrest have all the inner-workings to become the best in the game, all they lack is you and your involvement if you are yet to play any of their online slots. You have probably played a Barcrest slot before, you simply cannot remember, which is a shame considering how addictive some of their slots are if given the chance. Other slots in the Barcrest catalogue include:

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