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Rainbow Ryan

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Get ready to rock out with your fellow leprechauns on this online casino!

Rainbow Ryan Slots Review

Have you ever found a slots games that is just incredibly crazy? The type of slot that makes you question why you ever played any other slots in a similar theme in the first place? Well we found that in Rainbow Ryan, an Irish themed slot that is so unique that it deserves its own category on every casino site that has it. You wouldn’t think that with a name like Rainbow Ryan that this would be an Irish slot, not at all. It’s only when you lay eyes upon it that realisation kicks in. Having a very active imagination will be key to this slot from Yggdrasil gaming, as a lot of what you’re about to see does lean a little heavy on the experimental side.

Rainbow Ryan is a 6 reel by 20 pay-line slot that features some of the most up to date graphics and features this side of the online slot world. Seeing as this is an Irish-themed slot, you can expect a lot of green, oh and we should mention that Rainbow Ryan is actually a rocking leprechaun (we’re guessing that Ryan is the name of this guy because he seems to pop up everywhere in this slot). Malta-based developer Yggdrasil are responsible for this slot, and continue to take new strides with each and every slot that they happen to release. Be sure to check out the rest of our review below to see if anything stands out.

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Expectation vs Reality when playing Rainbow Ryan

We say it time and time again, Irish slots: there’s a lot of them. The current online slot climate revolves around these slots and what they offer. People tend to think that the luck of the ol’ Irish is one that exists in every slot of this theme; don’t let all the green fool you. Most of these slots are nothing but poor imitations of slots that wish they were like this one. Rainbow Ryan is a very refreshing take on the genre, in what we can only describe as a little eccentric. If you are looking for slots with a little personality, then you should be playing this one, and if you’re not, why aren’t you?

How to Play Rainbow Ryan Slot

Death, taxes and Yggdrasil making slots that make you go wow: three things that are certain in life. This is your classic online slot, in that it is very simple to grasp compared to others out there in the market currently who think that filling their slot with filler is what customers want. Rainbow Ryan takes chances, chances that are so often found in the market today. You’ll know what we’re talking about more clearly when we get to the bonus features section of this review, but for the most part, what you’re seeing here is very much based on materials that are already out there presently; Yggdrasil have simply adapted on-top of it.

Let’s start with the look and feel. Yes there is a massive use of the colour green, and yes the reels are populated with various Irish-related symbols. These symbols all offer something different when it comes to value, which should provide players with all the incentive in the world to keep spinning those reels as often as possible. The four leaf clover is one of the more valuable symbols, granting players a very hefty bonus to your more basic level scores. The premise of this slot is simple, you play as Ryan: a rocking leprechaun who wishes to rock the world with his music, but he can’t do it alone, he requires your help through spinning correctly on these reels.

Rainbow Ryan Free Spins & Bonus Features

If any of you out there have experienced a Yggdrasil slot before then you should know already what to expect. They love to experiment, all to the benefit of the player and what they can achieve on the reels. The skies the limit in regards to how high your scores can go in Rainbow Ryan. We would always advise new players to go into this slot with their wits about them, the reason for that will be made clear once you begin spinning.

  • LEVEL UP: This is a multi-faceted slot, meaning every time you match a symbol successfully, you then unlock a next level. With each level comes various additional scores/multipliers.
  • NEBULA STONES: These stones all offer different rewards, there are 4 of these stones in total. The value that these stones possess depends on the level that you find yourself on.
  • SECOND CHANCE: Activated on random spins where you didn’t score, this feature allows you to write the wrongs of your last spin in a way that could prove to give you quite the pay-out if successful.

Hit or Miss?

In Yggdrasil we trust, that is what we should put at the beginning of each review, the reasons why should have been explained above. The developer has got yet another hit on their hands with this one. Play Rainbow Ryan for all your online slot needs!

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