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Stars rattling big cash pay-outs right from the sky, when was the last time you saw that? Starburst slots was released in 2012 by NetEnt. It is not like most modern video slots, as it is unique in its own right. Starburst RTP stands at 96.1%, with a low volatility – which means that players can expect some decent wins pretty regularly. There are 10 paylines and 5×3 reel structure in Starburst slot games, with minimum bets starting at £0.10 and the maximum at £100 per spin.

There are no jackpots or bonus games, but the maximum wins from a single spin is at an impressive £250,000. Players who bet on Starburst slot online can look forward to the sticky wilds, which expand on the whole reel and trigger free re-spins; further, Starburst pays both ways – unlike most slot games. This increases the players’ excitement levels, as you can’t know if you landed a win until all the symbols are set on the reels.

Cozino offers Starburst online and Starburst mobile for iOS, Android and tablets. New players who register on this new online casino and deposit £10, can receive Starburst free spins and a 100% matched deposit bonus up to £50. Read more about Starburst slot game or play it right away.

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Starburst Slots Overview

If you have never heard of Starburst before, then you have clearly been living under a rock (or in this case under a star). This NetEnt developed slot games gained popularity a few years ago once it was released, and since then has gone on to garner worldwide attention, which is the reason why it is so heavily featured on a lot of various online casino sites. in-fact you could even go as far as to say that this is the most popular online slot out there at this present-time.

If you have never heard or played this slot before then allow us to provide an introduction. Starburst is a 5 reel by 10 pay-line slot that is set in what looks like a very 80s retro space-scape. The colours are as bright as the idea from the developer NetEnt, who time and time again prove why they are so popular as a developer.

This is a 3D slot, meaning it will often feel incredibly hectic on these reels from time to time, but don’t worry. Most online slots nowadays seem faster than what they are, but in reality it is only your score that will feel like its being rocket strapped all the way to the moon. There are a metric-tonne of additional features that help pad out this slot, so you should find plenty of added incentives to keep spinning off into the stars. If you still aren’t sure that this is the right space expedition to take, then why not read the rest of this review to see if anything changes for you!

Expectation vs Reality on Starburst

We had heard all of the hype on this slot before we played it, and quite frankly, most hype nowadays is bought and paid for by others who haven’t earned that title. Starburst has not only earned its title, but should be used by other developers as an example for what to do when it comes to crafting a slot that is clearly going to be a fan-favourite whenever it happens to be released. Everything about this slot is perfect, which is just a testament to the hard work and dedication that has been put in by a developer who have had an eye for this sort of stuff for years now, and show no signs of letting up.

How to Play Starburst Slot Game

As we’ve already mentioned many times in this review, this is a very beautiful slot to behold compared to that of its contemporaries. The graphics are crisp and not once did they lag or slow down in the heat of gameplay. We would advise one gets comfortable with the pay-table as soon as possible. Once you then know what symbols to look out for, then finding the best possible avenue to those symbols should not prove to be that much of an issue.

Each of the symbols outlined in this slot offer something different numerically, this all depends on the amount of them you are including within the winning line as well as the symbol you are matching. The symbols in this slot are made up of various jewels that all sparkle and shine in all the ways you’d expect. Once you have matched these symbols the reels will often light up in a cascade of gorgeous colours that you will want to re-live again and again.

Starburst Slot Games: Respins, Wilds and Pays Both Ways

What you will find in Starburst are various different additional bonus games and features that all help gameplay reach heights that are far greater than those found in the furthest reaches of outer space. These features can and will help your scores push past what you initially thought was possible, and is one of the clear reasons as to why this slot is such a popular one to begin with. Punters love a good additional feature, and in Starburst these features are sewn within and out.

  • EXPANDING WILDS: Regular wilds will be found here also, but the expanding wilds are ones that offer more for your scores and for variations on scores. When matching wilds on on the middle reels, they will they expand, giving players multiple chances of matching these symbols in accordance with other symbols on the reels.
  • RE-SPINNING WILDS: If one manages to match the wild symbols on reel 4 then they will be re-spun automatically, giving players a chance to come out on top with various other winning combinations and scores. A great way of coming out on top with a big score.
  • JACKPOT: There is a 250 coin jackpot in Starburst that can be found when matching certain symbols on the reels. This jackpot seems quite low, but once you’ve played this slot for yourself you will come to realise that this is not the case.

Hit or Miss?

If you were to ask anyone off the street who has never played an online slot before what they think of Starburst, they will tell you that it is quite simply epic. No other slot can compare to this one because everything here works so fluidly, don’t believe us? Why not play it out for yourself? Trust us it’s a good one.

Other Slots Games by NetEnt

If you have every played an online slot before then you will have heard of NetEnt, and if you haven’t then allow us to educate you. NetEnt are one of the most popular online game developers going today, a reputation that they have earned through hard work and creativity. Not every developer will meet the benchmark that is NetEnt, but oh how they try. NetEnt’s slots have a tendency to be widely popular, no matter the theme, they are always going to attract players from near and far.

Those looking for guaranteed experiences should always put their money on NetEnt, for all the reasons we’ve outlined in this text. NetEnt have so many different slots that it could take a while to pick your poison. We would personally recommend any of the following if you are looking for a certain NetEnt title: