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White Rabbit

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Alice fell down a hole and ended up wandering into her own imagination, where will you end up once you chase the White Rabbit? Will you find untold riches?

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White Rabbit Overview

If you are yet to read Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland then don’t worry, there are plenty of different forms of media that one can experience in order to learn the stories of Alice and all of her friends (we use friends ironically as some of the characters in her story are borderline sadistic). The end of her story seems to suggest that this was nothing more than a dream, although we tend to believe that it is more real than you would imagine, and that is simply because of slots such as White Rabbit, a slot that is inspired by the stories of Alice, and even allows you to exist in this world and form your own stories. There is a very solid reason as to why this slot is one of the most popular going today, and that is solely based on the imaginative nature of this slot and how well it is executed for all to see; off with her head!

If you are looking for the Disney version of this tale then you might be a tad disappointed. This version of the Alice tale tends to follow a very warped version of her tale, in-fact this is like the Tim Burton version of the story. In that story a lot of the characters seemed quite gothic compared to the bright colours and emotive characters in the cartoon version. This is a purposeful choice, although we think that people would still play this online casino slot a lot if it was based on the cartoon version.

You will find all of your favourite characters from the book in this slot, so don’t worry if you were worrying that this would skip over some key players. In order to see all of these characters you might need to spin these reels multiple times but this should be too much of an issue seeing as how entertaining this slot happens to be! Be sure to cast your eyes at the rest of this review in order to burrow further down this rabbit hole!

Expectation vs Reality

White Rabbit is not your typical online slots experience, these reels have been put together very well. We often felt like Alice: wandering through this world in hope of reason and gold. We found the gold but did lose ourselves to our own imagination a couple of times which plays to the strengths of this slot overall Adapted slots tend to go one of two ways, they either fail to capture the feelings of whatever they are being adapted from, or they succeed and become widely popular by anyone who is a fan of online slot gaming. White Rabbit is very much the latter in this instance which is very rare to come by considering there are so many slots out there that share the Alice theme and don’t do the source material justice.

How to Play White Rabbit

Time to get into the specifics. White Rabbit is a 5 reel slot that gives you the chance to experience the tale of Alice in Wonderland in a very different light. Alice is such a popular character that it could have been very easy for the developer (Big Time Gaming) to fall flat on their face. But they managed to persevere, crafting a slot that does the book and your wallet justice. This slot can be played from as little as 10p to £20 per spin, thus making it quite the diverse slot when it comes to entry levels.

This slot plays in the same way most slots in the Big Time Gaming catalogue do, symbols are matched in the same left to right orientation, and each symbol on the reels provides players with something different depending on the symbol and the amount of symbols you are mashing into the same pay-line.

We’ve already said that a lot of your favourite characters make appearances in this slot, and we meant it. All of the characters you’ve grown to love appear in the shape of the various symbols that you see on the reels. Symbols here include: the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, the Dodo, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, as well as the red queen who has an additional feature where if you match her on the reels in blocks of 5, she will give out various multipliers that will push scores well into Wonderland.

White Rabbit Free Spins & Bonuses

Additional features help carry scores to the highest points possible which will grant players big cash pay-outs. In White Rabbit this trend continues as each feature in this slot makes spinning these reels so much fun. We would advise players look at the pay-table before they begin, doing this should give players that much needed boost in wanting to spin these reels for themselves.

  • WILDS: Keep an eye out for the caterpillar, for he is White Rabbit’s wild symbol. The caterpillar symbol will boost scores as well as substitute various symbols on the reels, every symbol aside from the scatter to be specific.
  • SCATTER: Hare symbols (separate from the rabbit despite looking similar) is this slots chosen scatter. Matching a certain amount of these symbols will grant free spins in accordance with however many of the symbol you match. Free spins are the path to multipliers, remember that.
  • EXTENDING REELS: Defying the laws of reel physics is as easy as matching cupcake symbols on the reels. Matching them will unlock an additional reel, which will cause the game board to widen, and will also allow you to boost your scores depending on however many symbols you can get in the pay-line.

Should you Play White Rabbit Slot?

Those who live within their own imaginations might find something on offer in White Rabbit. Big Time Gaming must be big fans of this book, as they have perfectly captured the same feelings found in the book. If you are in the market for a slot that is very wacky as well as nostalgic then you should check out White Rabbit.

Other Games by Big Time Gaming

Developer Big Time Gaming have a lot to live up to considering their name suggests big things, and boy do they deliver. Experiences that stay within the mind of those that have just played their slots are their forte. Big Time are an Australian based developer that have created well over 150 slots in their time as an online developer. Each of their slots offer players something diferent compared to that of the status quo.

If anything, Big Time Gaming challenge the norm in order to carve out their own interpretation of how an online slot game should be done. The only people that see to benefit from this are clearly the players, this is obviously a two way street, as without the players Big Time would not be as good as they are now.

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