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Wild Toro

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Think You Have What It Takes To Tame The Beast on this new casino?

Taming the beast known as Wild Toro might take a couple of tries, since this is the bucking bronco of online slot games, one that will require plenty of practice if one hopes to master it. Those that do manage to master Wild Toro will earn themselves quite a lot of cash, as well as bragging rights; trust us when we tell you that a lot of players out there are chasing the same thing.

Wild Toro is a 5 reel by 178 payline sort of casino games from Elk Studios, a developer that should require no formal introduction if you’ve ever come across one of their titles in the past. There is plenty to play for in this here online slot, we’ll tell you that for free. Expect to see plenty of bonuses and unique gameplay elements from this one, which is partly why so many people play this here slot on a regular basis.

Don your cowboy hat for maximum effect when playing Wild Toro online slots — doing this has been known to increase your chances of victory in our experience. There is still quite a lot of info that we haven’t gone into yet, so why not do yourself a favour and check out the rest of our written review below to find out more — or, you can risk going head-on with the Wild Toro blind, your choice…

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Wild Toro Developers: Elk Studios

Swedish-based developer Elk Studios have been crafting unforgettable online slot experiences since 2012, and still, they consider themselves veterans of the industry. In most industries, 2012 isn’t that long ago, but in this cutthroat industry only the strongest survive, and Elk Studios has more than weathered the storm, just take a look at the quality of the slots in their catalogue if you don’t believe us!

Elk Studios believe in quality over quantity, which is why they haven’t gone overboard with release after release. Instead, Elk Studios has tried to hone in on making the best possible slots that they can and hoping that it sticks (spoiler alert: it definitely sticks). Over the years they’ve incorporated all sorts of interesting ideas in their games, putting them ahead of a lot of other developers out right now — including those that have been doing this a lot longer than they have.

There is plenty to choose from when it comes to the offerings from Elk Studios, which if anything, does make it a tad difficult to find a certain title that you will thoroughly enjoy, thankfully we’ve played enough of them to know which are worth checking out, and which aren’t. Here are a few worthy of your time and money:

Wild Toro Free Spins and Bonus Features

Toro, toro, toro! In Wild Toro the fortunes favour the bold, think of this slot as the ultimate game of chicken, one where you can earn quite a lot of cash just for playing. Wild Toro can be ridden from as little as 20p a spin all the way up to £100 per spin — quite a diverse margin when you think about the various entry levels there are to these sorts of games. The best thing about Wild Toro is the fact that it toes the line perfectly, meaning both newbies and veterans will find something for them.

To play Wild Toro, punters must first select their bet/coin amounts. You do this by using the arrow keys found at the bottom of the game, hitting the plus button will increase the bet, and the minus will decrease the bet. Once you are happy with the amount presented, all you need to do is hit spin, and the game will begin! There is a max bet button for the impatient players out there, a button that will kick off the game instantly on the highest bet amount possible.

As far as Spanish bullfighting slots go, Wild Toro is one of the very best going today. Expect all the symbols on the board to help flesh out the theme even more. Roses, daggers, matadors and the games logo can all be found across the board. Each of these symbols offer something different depending on how many symbols are involved in the same winning payline. Some of these symbols do offer something extra, but we’ll get to those in time.

Looks make slots, ask any avid online slot gamer, and they’ll tell you the exact same thing, which is why we can happily state that Wild Toro is one of the best looking slots coming out of the Elk Studios catalogue. Look off in the background, and you’ll see a city of some kind, one that is home to these bullfighting tournaments. Each symbol is very well done too; Wild Toro has a very distinctive art style that is second to none.

Last Thoughts on this Slot Game

Wild Toro is home to many distinctive bonuses, each offers something different depending on how you like to play, and why you’re playing, to begin with. One of the most common bonuses is the walking wilds bonus, one that causes wild symbols to move across multiple reels as you play. If you can find this wild, then you will earn a much more significant sum, compared to the more basic wild symbols. One can trigger this bonus by finding the games logo on reel five.

If you can find the matador symbol during the walking wild feature, then get ready! This bull will go absolutely crazy if the matador appears on the reels, which will cause the bull to bounce around the board, leaving multiple wild symbols in its wake. This bonus will continue until all matador symbols are taken off the board, only then will you be able to calm the beast properly. Our casino game offers are the last thing that you want to check and then start playing our top games.