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Worms Reloaded

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Even the name of this slot should bring back all those feelings of gaming nostalgia! Worms Reloaded slot comes with 5 reels and 20 paylines, offering plenty of action. Minimum bets at Worms Reloaded start with £0.20 up to £500 per spin – with a maximum win of £250,000 on a single spin of the reels.

In Worms Reloaded, players can expect a jackpot prize, wild symbol, 4x different bonus rounds and 4x random features that maximize players excitement and anticipation. Worms reloaded mobile is also available on Cozino, so grab your laptop, mobile phone or tablet and join the Worms for a fun session reloaded with every spin you trigger!

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Worms Reloaded Overview

The Worms franchise is one of the most popular new slot games in history, a game that could be played with various friends where your goal was to blow up all the other worms on the board and in the fastest time possible. THQ used to develop these games, but in the Worms Reloaded online slot variation, Blueprint Gaming takes the wheel. Slots such as this one exist solely thanks to the dedication and passion from the fans of the original game.

Worms is a classic, and was only ever going to be made into a legitimate online slot. Worms is one of the earliest games we can personally remember, which is why it is getting the online slot treatment. Blueprint Gaming are one of the more reputable developers, meaning you should trust that what they’re creating is something that is worthwhile and something you should be encouraged to put your money into.

If any of you can remember what worms looked like, then you will be happy to know that the developer has purposely tried to re-create Worms Reloaded slot in its image. The graphics run very fluidly, and very rarely slow down despite some of the action on these reels being quite fast. Like many online slots out there by the same developer, Worms Reloaded is a 5 reel by 20 pay-line slot that is stocked with various features and gameplay elements that make it a must play for any plans of the series.

There is a jackpot for players to aim towards. Anyone looking to re-live that nostalgia should play Worms Reloaded slot games instantly. If you are you are still unsure, then be sure to read the rest of our review to see if anything stands out.

Expectation vs Reality when Worms Reloaded slot

Being based on something so popular can put a lot of pressure on the shoulders of developers – as is the case with Worms Reloaded. Capturing the same magic that the original Worms games had, to some would appear impossible. Blueprint Gaming have not let nerves get the better of them, as this slot is very well made and might be our favourite adapted slot of all time (yes we played Worms so maybe we’re biased).

Worms Reloaded is a very fun and chaotic slot that captures the same feelings of carnage that the original games had. We could easily see other Worms related slots appearing in the near future (hopefully from the same developer as they did a great job with this one).

How to Play Worms Reloaded Slots

There will be some of you out there who see the thumbnail or the name of this slot and will want to play it not expecting it to be nothing like the original game, and that’s because it isn’t. This is an online slot, and the rules here are a lot different in many different ways. First of all, you couldn’t win cash in the original Worms, all you could win was the admiration that your worm lived at the end despite the destruction around him.

In this 3D slot the same animations can be found it’s just that this time the more destruction you cause on these reels, the higher your score will go. In order to win in this slot you will need to match symbols from the left to the right of the screen. All the symbols here come in the form of the worm characters, as well as low value symbols that will help push scores up the pay-table no matter how small. The colours and graphics, as we’ve previously mentioned, provide players with immersive gameplay that continues to amaze us now, despite playing so many games already.

Worms Reloaded Free Spins and Bonus Features

Worms Reloaded is not without the various bonus casino games and bonus features that all alter gameplay in some way shape or form. These features will seem awfully familiar to players who do play online slots, but to those playing these games for the first time, they can be quite confusing/frustrating at first. This is why we would recommend that players play a handful of spins on a low amount before they try something a little more serious. We know that there is that urge to play as soon as possible seeing as this is Worms, but you’re going to have to take your time if you wish to master this battlefield.

  • WILDS: Wild symbols will substitute out various symbols on the reels for the scatter. The more wilds that you can string together the higher your scores will go. Wilds are a slots bread and butter, which makes them a basic requirement in any online slot.
  • SCATTERS: Scatter symbols will throw around certain symbols on the reels, thus giving you more opportunities to score high. Scatters will unlock free spins whenever matched on the reels. The importance of the scatter is that they can offer these free spins which have additional multipliers involved.

Hit or Miss?

We’ll keep this nice and short, if you were a fan of any of the Worms games then you should be playing Worms Reloaded from developer Blueprint Gaming. They have gone above and beyond one more time creating a slot that nostalgic gamers will no doubt fall in love with. Play Worms Reloaded today!

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